She Cave

The Start

So my husband gave me this task of writing something about "she caves", or "she sheds", which is odd since I don't have one, but I was up to the challenge.

The first thing I did was to consult the all knowing Google, then looked to my Pintrest buddies.

Pretty cool stuff out there, from the simple to the extreme.  And by extreme, some sheds are bigger than our condo!

Of course decorating styles are everywhere.  Anything goes with she caves.  People love their pets and their walls are plastered with pics of their beloved pet friends.  One she cave had only a bed with great light, and a comforter that just looking at it makes you want to crawl in.  Another she cave had no door, just an overhang to keep the wet bar dry, with comfy looking chairs and a fire pit so this lady can entertain her besties.   Some she caves sport whimsy, some caves are just sporty.

As for rules in the she cave, well that depends on the woman.  Men or no men, it's up to you, just remember, don't let them touch the she shed radio.  Be dressed, or not, read,write,sew,sleep, anything goes, as long as it's for you, and you can relax,and be at peace.  As for me, after my research, one thing is for sure...I WANT ONE!!!

So ladies, how bout you send me your thoughts about your she caves, she sheds, or she shacks.   Let me know what makes them special or unique.   

Perhaps you might find something on this website that tickles your fancy to put on your she cave walls, or perhaps you might find something for your significant other to put in his man cave.